Frequently asked questions

How does the Feed Additive Prices service work exactly?

Feed Additive Prices is aiming to provide high-quality, reliable and affordable market intelligence for a wide range of crucial animal feed additives. On the Feed Additive Prices platform, you will find market-reflective prices, market analysis and industry data.


Are you linked to any industry related, or other, market participant(s)?

Feed Additive Prices is an independent and privately-owned platform. The price and data discovery process is fully transparent, you can find the methodology here →.


What is your business model?

It is a subscription-based business, with a consultancy section as well.

Who is using your service?

The service is used by:

  • Procurement, Trading, and Sales professionals dealing with feed additives
  • Nutritionist and Formulators dealing with feed additives
  • Premix- and compound feed producers, integrators, and large farms
  • Feed additive producers, distributors, and -traders
  • Animal feed market participants involved in strategic management positions
  • Financial institutions
  • Other people interested in animal feed additive market intelligence

Can I take a trial subscription?

Showing you all the capabilities of the platform in person, by means of a demo, is suggested in order to understand the full value of the platform.


How do you determine your feed additive price and market information?

The published content is based on a precise and transparent methodology and because of the many years of feed additive industry experience behind this platform, data is analyzed and assessed in a proper way.


How does a subscription to Feed Additive Prices work?

Very simple. You will receive your own personal unique login details, which are valid for one year. You will be contacted regularly to ask about your platform-experience and two weeks prior to the end of the subscription year, you will be asked if you like to extend.


Are my contact details safe with you?

Yes, your contact details are 100% safe with the Feed Additive Prices platform and, based on following the latest privacy guidelines.


I have trouble logging on to the website, what can I do?

Please make sure you copy/paste your login name and password exactly as you have received them. In case you still have trouble logging on, please use the contact page and reach out.