This document will outline the way the Feed Additive Prices platform collects information, the way it sets a language for sharing that information and it indicates the full process to come to market-reflective and independent market and price information for the relevant animal feed additives that are covered.

Transparent assessment process:
The price assessment process is set up by a clearly defined 5-step process. All data and price points are coming from anecdotal discovery and are cross-checked various times throughout the full supply chain and amongst a representative wide group of industry participants.

Accurate market analysis:
Feed Additive prices is an independent and privately run platform. The aim is to provide market reflective price points, data, and market commentary. A language in terms of product specification, incoterms, measurements, currency, and market participants is set, so it is universally interpreted.

Confidential market participant connections:
Markets are assessed by an experienced price reporter each day, via phone/video calls, e-mails, Whatsapp/WeChat texts, face-to-face meetings, etc amongst a wide variety of market participants on both the buy and sell-side of the market. All communication of prices, assessments, contract details, and all other information is classified and never shared with third parties. The Feed Additive Prices platform aims to be fully transparent and clear in how data and information is collected, analyzed, and shared.

Price and data market assessment process:

1) Experienced market analyst

Price assessments are made by an experienced market analyst, with experience in the relevant segments of the supply chain. The market analyst is also able to determine patterns in price- and market development and is able to define a final consensus. 

2) Data collection process

Market developments, price points, and other relevant market data is collected by means of anecdotal conversations, acknowledged publications, financial reports, and commercial documents such as price contracts and/or price offers. Data is collected from multiple sources, representing the full supply chain and representing a market reflective outcome, to the best of the analyst’s knowledge and judgment. 

3) Analysis

Collected data is checked multiple times and captured in a format like MS Excel to be able to analyze properly and to reduce anomalies as much as possible. 

4) Additional check

Once the dataset, price points, and market commentary are ready to be published, a final check will be made amongst market participants to see if no significant changes have occurred. 

5) Publish via platform

After the final check in step 4, the updates are published on the Feed Additive Prices website.

Specific terminology used on the Feed Additive Prices platform:


Prices are referred to in EUR/kg, EUR/Metric ton or USD/kg, USD/Metric ton

Prices are indicated either for spot (within the next 14 days) delivery, or (multiple) quarterly contract delivery bases or prices based on price offers actual transactions and bids. Prices are indicated with a specific Incoterm to reflect the delivery method. Prices are linked to certain volumes and a packaging form.

Clear Incoterms are indicted when prices are shared. Most used in this specific platform are DDP, FCA, FOB, CIF and CFR.

Product specification
The basis of the market intelligence refers to animal feed grade additives. Not to be confused with food grade or pharma grade or any other grade. Included in the market intelligence, although subject to change, are L-Lysine hcl, L-Lysine liquid, L-Lysine sulphate, DL-Methionine, Methionine Liquid, L-Threonine, L-Tryptophan, L-Valine, L-Arginine, Vitamin A 1000, Vitamin B1 mono, Vitamin B2 80%, Niacin, D-Calpan, Vitamin B6, Biotin, Folic Acid, Vitamin C crystal, Vitamin C 35%, Vitamin D3 500, Vitamin E 50%, Vitamin K3 MNB and an ongoing changing variety of other key feed additives.


Prices, data, and market commentary is published with regional specifics, the main regions being Europe, the USA and China. A clear distinction will be made by means of text, to which region is being referred. 

Volume, packaging and origin:

Specific language will be used to indicate the volume of business, the type of packaging used, the specific incoterm used, and where the products are originating from. This will result in terminology such as 5 – 10 Mtonnes loads, 25 kg bags, 1000 kg bigbags, bulk trucks, DDP buyer warehouse, or originated from China. The term Western origin is typically referred to non-Chinese origin, but Western is an outdated term really.

Market participants

Market participants are those that are either directly or indirectly involved, and/or have an interest, in the animal feed additive space. The most commonly used market participant names are Compound feed manufacturer, Premixer, Integrator, Large farm, Distributor, Trader, and Feed additive producer.

Within those market participants, the following job titles are referred to frequently: buyer, seller, trader, formulator, nutritionist, pricing manager, management, company owner, and analyst.

Disclaimer and implementation of price data and market information:

Platform users understand and acknowledge that prices shared by Feed Additive Prices are market-reflective but also indicative and should not be seen as advice to buy in any way. The price and market information should not be used as a basis for contracts or contractual agreements or used in case of contractual or commercial conflicts.

Update frequency:

The Feed Additive Platform is updated several times a week. It will be mentioned clearly in the market commentary when the last update has been done. In the case of active and/or volatile markets, updates will be done more regularly and if needed several times a day, to properly reflect the actual market situation.

Complaints and/or errors:

In case of disagreements, potential errors, or complaints, Feed Additive Prices encourages its subscribers to communicate these as soon as possible. Please use the contact form on the website as much as possible, but there is also a possibility to report them at

Complaints will be investigated confidentially and feedback will be communicated as soon as possible. Complaints will be treated in confidence, but in some cases, it may be needed to check details with relevant parties.